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  • Design a C++ program to implement the concept of function overloading.

      C++ program for function overloading. Function overloading means two or more functions can have the same name but either the number of arguments or the data type of arguments has to be different.In this program i am finding volume of a cube, cylinder, rectangle. For this I take three functions with same name (vol) but difference in parameters.

Below is the program....

message passing using C++

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Here I am  posting programs which are in our lab list. If you find any mistakes or  you want to suggest any thing  kindly post them in comment section.

NOTE: All these programs work only in turbo compilers

  • Design a program in C++ to illustrate the concept of function overloading.

                         To perform this I am printing biggest number in given two numbers and taking four public member functions as max1, max2, max3, max4 with difference in parameters.
finally in main program I use switch statement for the user choice.
Below is the code......